What is that? Are we looking for the “Eye of the Tiger” (Rocky theme song)? Are we joining the Navy SEALs? No. We are moms and dads, people who want to be fit, learn to swim, lose 20 pounds, run a 10K, write a book, or maybe even have a blog, but first we must find out why we are not getting off of the sofa. The Navy SEALs already have the “Eye of the Tiger.” They have mental toughness. They are not on Facebook idling away their time.

mentalstrengthI can only “speak” from my own personal experience. It’s not easy to get your butt off of the comfy sofa. There is a well-worn spot on my sofa where I sat for a very long time. It is okay to laugh-laughing is good for your soul.  If you want to write, here is how you do it. Ready? Set?  Go!  You need a pencil and a pad of paper. That’s it. No laptop needed. Then, you start writing. Write anything. Here is another tip: Do not listen to anyone or anything but the little voices inside your head and soul. Start writing and keep writing until you run out of paper. Then, go to the Dollar Store and buy more paper. It’s that simple.

You want to learn to swim?  Call me. If you do not live near me, find a referral for a good swim teacher. Buy a swimsuit, goggles and cap. A cap is not “necessary,” but if you have long hair, yes, you will need one. Yes, it’s that simple.

Have you been trying to exercise but been not-so-successful?  Find a gym or a workout buddy. Or, buckle down and do it solo. There may not always be an accessible gym or willing buddy.  So, go it alone. That is “mental strength.” No excuses-absolutely none. You must change. What you resist – persists. Great line, huh? Wish I had said it. Shakespeare said, “To thine own self be true.” This is how I find my “mental strength.” I seek help from the great Masters. But I also remember what my mom told me years ago-“Barbie, help is at the end of your arms.” She was funny. But overcoming what we resist is not a laughing matter. I had to face my fear and start writing (lucky for me I already knew how to swim). I did buy a laptop, and yes I still have my notebooks. All of them. They are very humbling. Someday I may even show them to my editor. HAHA!