The other day, I was sitting on the bench at the pool, waiting for my students to arrive. I watched people who could barely carry their grandchild’s swim bag to the tot pool. I wondered how they arrived at the pool with the kids. Huffing and puffing, they hobbled over to the bleachers. I know most of these grandparents and most of them are younger than me! What happened to them? Bon-bons and soap operas? You know that old saying “use it or lose it”?  We must move and move every day. I have an idea…turn off the TV!!! Just sayin’.

The first place you should move to is the doctor’s office to get the green light. He will be delighted to see you. Tell him your plan of action. Yes, you will need a plan. Read on!

Dive in.  Swimming is a total body workout. It is one of the best things you can do. Swimming is low impact, making it easier on your joints and minimizing the risk of injury. Sign up for an aqua aerobics class to build muscle tone and elevate your heart rate. Even on your own, you can stand in the shallow end of the pool and do knee lifts.

Yes, this is me!-Dancing the sock hop with my husband Hughie.

Yes, this is me!-Dancing with my husband Hughie. We take dance lessons and even perform. Who knew?!

Dance. Dancing is a great choice of exercise for people who don’t like and / or are bored by traditional exercise. You get your heart rate up without feeling like you are exercising. The social aspects of dancing with a partner or a group provide further benefits.

Say Om.  Yoga helps with flexibility, strength, and balance, all of which become important as we age. Entry level Hatha Yoga is gentle and focuses on stretching and breathing.  Ahh, breathing. So important.

So, let’s get moving! Have a dog? Find that leash and get out the door. He probably could use a walk too.