Clear the clutter and find your life. It’s hard to know where it all began. A pile here, an unsorted drawer there….. But the accumulation of clutter occurs so quickly, we may not even notice until it is out of control. Over time our lives become so filled with all the debris of the past – from dried up Krazy Glue tubes, to broken pencils, ten yogurt cups with lids that we “may” find a use for some day, monster soda cups from gas stations and old grudges. It’s a wonder we can get up in the morning-never mind go to work, or even put one foot in front of the other.

Spring is long gone, and there’s no time like the present to start chipping away at the “stuff” in your closets, drawers, kitchens, garages and attics. Clutter is holding you back from the life you really want. You know what I am talking about.

What do you really need? –Probably not those beads you bought in Hawaii.  Think about what makes you feel “heavy” (that God-awful coat that turns you into the Pillsbury Dough boy) and what makes you feel “upbeat” (your favorite red handbag). Remove the negativity from your house.  What are you hanging on to?

Attics, garages, and basements are bittersweet places. These places store the things that we don’t know where to place. But it’s not simple clutter. These places are chock full of memories that call up good times and bad-all of which elicit emotions. When clearing out the clutter, you must decide why you are keeping what’s there.

Keep the good vibes and chuck the bad….house only the positive memories. Anything that reminds you of a difficult or negative experience or a time when you felt badly has to go. I don’t care how valuable it is. What we surround ourselves with (even in the attic or garage where we cannot see them) influences our thinking.

Give each item this two question test:
-Do I love it?
-Do I need it?

If you cannot answer “yes” to either of these questions, donate it, recycle it or sell it.

Start with the room that gives you the most frustration. Give yourself a time limit, maybe 20 minutes (longer if you have the time), and then continue tomorrow and the next and the next until you have cleared that room of everything that needs to go. Put the “stuff” in boxes. Do not overthink where it has to go at this time. This will overwhelm you and cause you to quit. Like everything else in life, you must begin. Change starts with you. Swimming lessons, losing weight, finding a new job……  It’s all the same.

Why is Barbie-the-swimming-teacher telling me about clutter? For years, I used to have a housecleaning service. I am a high energy person. I have learned many things looking over the toilet bowl. Those that know me know I do not have clutter. But like everyone else, I had painful “baggage” that I needed to box up.

If you are looking for that one person who can change your life in 2015, you must take a look in the mirror. Imagine a new story for your life and start living it.