Swimming is for life. Need more proof? Look no further. Speedo’s model of the year for 2015 is…. Jurgen Schmidt, a 91 year old Masters swimmer. Yes, that is correct. No, Speedo did not pick some 20 year old buff super-jock. Speedo selected 91 year old Jurgen Schmidt from Huntington Beach, California. He swims about a mile almost every day at Masters swimming and competes in a number of Masters meets every year. He is a retired comptroller for a meat packing company and will turn 92 years old this month. His advice?-“Don’t be afraid to get in the water.”

In the interview with Speedo, he is asked, “Why do you swim at 5 AM?” He answered, “In the afternoon you have water walkers and noodle floaters in the pool. I want a real workout.” You must admit you got a chuckle, right? He said that he plans on swimming to the end.

Here are Jurgen’s Five Longevity Tips:

  1. Eat well. His daily breakfast: Oatmeal, golden raisins, low-fat milk, orange juice and coffee.
  2. Sleep well. He’s in bed by 9 PM every night and gets eight hours of sleep.
  3. Stay active. He faithfully stretches and does floor exercise before his daily swim.
  4. Stay engaged. He meets and converses daily with friends at his senior complex.
  5. Count your blessings. I’ve had a great life. I’m lucky.