supermomIt is your child’s first day of swim lessons. Your camera is at the ready–please do not make me say it. “Parents please sit in the bleachers and wait until the lesson is over before your begin your photo op”. Let me explain why.

“Most” children are scared, nervous and overwhelmed when they first arrive at the pool. Rarely do I get a child (or even an adult) who is excited about swim lessons on their first day. Some kids are hiding behind their parents. For some, this is their first water experience. This is not a birthday party. However, I do give all my swim students a small package of cookies at the end of their lesson for a job well done! Even if the lesson did not go so well. You showed up and good intentions count! When you enter the pool where I teach you see the gigantic Olympic size pool before you see the Tot Pool. Children think the “big pool” is where they will be having their swim lesson. Imagine their horror.

If parents are walking along the edge of the Tot Pool taking photos while their child is having their swim lesson with me (or any other teacher) your child is not focusing or listening to me, they are looking to you to “rescue them” and take them home.

Some parents like to sit on the deck and “help me teach” as well as take photos. Again, parents you have to sit on the bleachers or the seats provided for parents at the pool. You are sending mixed messages to your children. There is plenty of time for a photo op after the lesson is over.

There is a happy ending to this dilemma. When your child has learned the basics of swimming, and they overcome their fears, that is the time for photos as they love to show-off. They will be happy to show you how they can go underwater and yell “watch me Mommy” as they jump in!