It’s almost Spring Equinox. Huh? What’s that? You know when the time changes. It stays lighter longer. Oh ya.  Time for the Easter Bunny! Yellow Marshmallow Peeps!   Sugar buzz alert!

Anyhoo, what are your plans for Spring Break (besides eating the Yellow Marshmallow Peeps?)  Disneyland? Disneyworld? LEGOLAND? Baseball spring training camp? Yes, it’s a destination now. Grandma’s house?

How about a suggestion? Why not brush up on a couple of swim lessons before summer vacation begins? When you call your hotel or camp ground to make reservations for spring break ask if they have a swim instructor available. Schedule a few lessons.

Are you going to be near the ocean? Do your kids already swim? Do you swim? How about trying a few surf lessons? Whoo-hoo! How cool would that be? Contact the local surf stores in the area for information. They have ‘foam’ surf boards for beginners.  Foam boards are designed for safety. Family fun in the water!!

Speaking of “breaks” what about summer break…..have you called your favorite swim school to book your summer swim lessons? If not, don’t be surprised if you are placed on a “waiting list”? People book early to get the best times and teachers available for their schedules. If you have more than one child you may have some serious scheduling to do. Some swim schools offer discounted rates for early bookings.

Dust off your beach bag. It’s time to think road trip! Time to buy new sunscreen too. That stuff expires. And about last year’s goggles…..it’s a very good idea to invest in another pair (especially if they were laying on the bottom of your dusty beach bag all winter). Do you really want to be driving to CVS or Wal-Mart to buy a cheesy pair of swim goggles?  I don’t think so. However, in defense of CVS and Wal-Mart they do sell great snacks!!! Just sayin.