easter-bunny-cute-clipartTradition plays an important part in Easter celebrations for many families. Many have cherished traditions of Easter that include the infamous Easter egg hunt to buying beautiful white lilies (which symbolizes hope and life) and hiding your Easter basket! My mom used to hide our baskets behind the sofa. We never told her that we knew. (But somehow I think she did know.)   🙂

Whatever your family tradition is,  I hope that you have the best Easter and Passover ever.

Eggs are one of the more recognizable symbols of Easter. It’s believed that the origin of Easter eggs are both secular and religious. The egg is a symbol of new life, and has been associated with festivals that Celebrate Spring. Time for renewal! Which reminds me to tell you to call your favorite swim school for swim lessons! It is not too early.  🙂

This Easter why not try coloring your hard boiled eggs naturally instead of using one of those synthetic egg dye kits they sell at Target or Wal-Mart. Martha Stewart has one of the most fabulous sites I have ever seen. She uses common items from the kitchen to color her eggs. (Like onion skins and red cabbage). Her list of items is endless.  The egg colors are outstanding!

So before you run off to Target or Wal-Mart to buy a box of synthetic Easter egg dyes check out Martha’s website. Everything is safe to eat! YAY.

Happy Easter! Happy Passover! Celebrate Spring! Celebrate Life!