When is my child ready for swim lessons?
My answer…. When are y-o-u ready for swim lessons?  When are you ready to make the commitment?  Signing your child up for swim lessons is a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly.

It’s possible you work. Most parents do. Do you have a long drive to and from work? You will be tired.  After work you may like to go to the gym, yoga, swim or bike or whatever it is you do to unwind.  You may have other children to take care of. Maybe you have to visit your parents every night. The clock is your master. You have to find time to drive to the pool and fit in a 30 minute swim lesson. But that is not true. 30 minutes? You wish. It takes time to drive to the pool. You will probably have to make a fast food pit stop on the way. More time. If you have more than one child their lessons are never scheduled at the same time. Am I correct? Now you are sitting at the pool cooling your jets thinking of all the things you have to do. (Groceries, visiting grannie, and picking up a birthday gift at Target for your child’s birthday party they have to attend on Saturday, do I need an oil change, and did I leave the iron on. Kidding! (Who irons?) The list is endless.

Are you ready for swim lessons?

Let’s talk about all the events that could possibly be happening during the swim season. Did you sign your kids up for baseball, golf lessons, dance, soccer or tennis? Family vacations. Grandparent visits. Disneyland. LEGO Land.  Six Flags. Trips to the beach. Vacation Bible School. Again, the list is endless.

If you want your children to learn to swim they need consistency. This is how they will learn to swim. They need to attend all their lessons. You also need to arrive on time. Running in the door trying to break the record for the mile is not safe. This sets a poor example for your children that it’s ok to be late. It’s not. Besides all the good parking spaces are taken if you are late. You will have to park in the lower forty and walk to the pool schlepping your beach bag and children. Not a good look.

Are you ready for swim lessons?

Arriving at the pool takes preparation. Swim suits, towels, goggles, flip flops, sunscreen, clothes to wear home, water and snacks all have to be prepared in advanced.  If you want a Shakespearean tragedy on your hands just forget their favorite swim suit. There is no saying “deal with it” to a child. That will not fly with children. Besides it is not kind.

Plan your swim lessons to best fit your family events and your lifestyle. There are many sessions of swim lessons available. Choose wisely.