BarbieProfileIt is my passion to teach everyone to swim and learn to love and respect the water.

My entire family loves the water. Since 1974, I have been a Water Safety Instructor for the American Red Cross. My mother also worked for the American Red Cross for many, many years. Between the two of us, we have taught thousands of adults and children to swim.

Do you really want to sit in a deck chair and be afraid to swim in the water?  It’s never too late to learn to swim. A daily dip could add years to your life. Helps burns calories too!

Do you want your child to sit on the shore, play in the sand and just watch the other kids swim in the water? No, you want your child to have confidence and the ability to dive into the waves.

I make learning to swim FUN for all my students. All students are different. Some students are visual, some are thinkers, and some are all action. It’s my job to figure this out and make learning to swim FUN.