water-glassThe human body is made up of two thirds of water. Did you know this? I tried to get a handle on how much two thirds is. Hubby said ‘think of a pie”. Ok, I like pie, rarely eat it but I thought of Blueberry pie. What does this have to do with water I said? Well, Mr. Bean Counter said, ‘how many pieces of the pie make up two thirds”? Dang. Who cares? What does this have to do with water? Our bodies are mostly water and we need to drink lots of it!! Are you drinking enough water? According to the water experts, and there are lots of them as I found out while researching this article that a lot of bottled water is being sold but we are still dehydrated and we feel poorly.

These are some  benefits of water.

-It regulates and maintains body temperature

-Keeps your skin hydrated and youthful (I like youthful!)

-Protects your tissues and spinal cord. Water acts as a shock absorber

-Lubricates your joints and eyes

-Promotes digestion

-Promotes the elimination of waste products and toxins

-Controls caloric intake

Dehydration symptoms are brain fog and poor concentration. Apart from headaches and dizziness, dehydration will affect your mood, memory and decision making skills. Ugh!

Lack of water within the brain will lead to low blood pressure and insufficient supply of oxygen throughout your body. This is why you are sleepy and tired. It may affect your understanding of fractions, ya think?

Pain in the joints and muscles? Your joints and cartilage are made out of 80% water. This means that if you lack water in the body, it can be the cause of painful joints. Lack of water will increase the friction between your joints.

You could also experience cramps as well as a muscle spasm. Ouch!

Sometimes we mistake our thirst for hunger. We crave food when our body really needs water. Try a glass of water before you get something to eat. Hmmm. I think I have heard that before. Maybe I’ll try it.

The general rule of thumb for drinking water is to drink eight 8-ounces of water per day. Hubby tells me to take your body weight in pounds, divide that in half (e.g. 150 LBS/2 = 75 LBS). Now drink that many ounces. Ok, right. Pass me the pie.

The experts all say that coffee, tea, soda and the ‘other’ drinks do NOT count as ‘water’ as they contain caffeine and yep, you guessed it……. caffeine is dehydrating.  Dang.

On a personal note, does anyone know of a bathroom app? I need to find one that tracks clean free public bathrooms. Thank you. (Yes, you will be using the bathroom very regularly with your new water habit!)